Presentation Options

The Pathway Home Office has developed several presentation options for use when informing potential students, general Church members, and/or local Church leaders about BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Step 1: Download a BYU-Pathway Worldwide Presentation

Several presentation options are available for download, and each has been developed to accommodate different audiences as well as personal presentation styles. Choose the presentation(s) you would like to download from the chart below. Do not use aney presentation created by you or another missionary -- only use those created by Pathway.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide Presentation
PathwayConnect Presentation

Education Presentation

For 3rd-hour or 5th Sunday combined meetings

Step 2: Test the Presentation (Laptop Instructions)

If you are using a PowerPoint version of a presentation, you will want to test it before use. After you have downloaded the presentation, wait at least 10 minutes, and then open the presentation. Check to see if the audio and videos play properly. If the videos do not work, you will need to do the following:

Also, if the Talking Points/Lesson Plan document does not open, you will need to download Adobe Reader for free:

STEP 3: Using an iPad or Tablet

If you will be using an iPad or tablet to project a PowerPoint version of a PathwayConnect presentation, please refer to the information below:

iPad (or iPhone):

Other Tablets:
PowerPoint does not work consistently on other tablet devices. However, it does work well on some. To see if PowerPoint operates well on your tablet, follow the iPad instructions above. (The biggest issue is that the audio and video files in the PowerPoint do not play on certain styles of tablets.)


These presentations have been created using Microsoft PowerPoint. In order for the presentation to function properly, you must have the following installed on your computer: PowerPoint for Windows 2007 or newer, PowerPoint for Mac 2008 or newer, or the PowerPoint app for tablets or smartphones.

These presentations contain audio and video clips on several slides. These clips are embedded in the presentations and will play when the slide is clicked a second time. If the videos do not play when clicked, you may skip them and move on to the next slide.